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The Burich children enjoy reading. Your children can too!

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  Prescription for Reading Success, Downloadable Version
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Only $1.50!
  Phonograms 1 - 73, Downloadable
Only $5.00
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All American-English sounds included.
  Phonograms 1 - 73, Shippable Flash Cards
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  220 Dolch Sight Word List and Flash Cards, Downloadable
Only $5.00
On SALE for only $2.00
220 Dolch Flash Cards
  Spelling List 1 of 10, Downloadable
Only $5.00
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First Spelling Words
  Spelling List 2, Downloadable
Only $5.00
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Harder First Grade Level Words
  Spelling List 3, Downloadable
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Even Harder Dolch Words Plus Commonly Misspelled Words
  Spelling List 4, Downloadable
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Includes the rest of the Dolch "Sight" Words
  Spelling List 5, Downloadable
Only $5.00
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Grade Level 3-5
  Spelling and Vocabulary List 6, Downloadable
Only $5.00
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Grade Level 5-7
  Spelling and Vocabulary List 7, Downloadable
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320 Cards for Grades 6 - 8
  Spelling and Vocabulary List 8, Downloadable
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Grade Level 7-12
  Spelling and Vocabulary List 9, Downloadable
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Grade Level 8-12
  Spelling and Vocabulary List 10, Downloadable
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Our hardest words for Grade Level 9-12
  Phrase Flash Cards, Downloadable
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Mostly Dolch words
  Victory Drill Book, Shippable
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  Victory Pre-Drill Book, Shippable
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  Worksheets of Fun Learning Activities, Shippable
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  Syllabication Work Sheets, Downloadable
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Downloadable version
  Informal Hearing Inventory, Downloadable
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FREE Informal Hearing Inventory
  220 Dolch Flash Cards, Shippable
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220 Flash Cards
  Grace, Miracles, and Chocolate, hand-signed by author
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Has your faith bucket leaked? Fill it up with Grace, Miracles, and Chocolate

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Amazing Reading Progress with Prescription for Reading Success

Do you want a reading, writing, spelling and vocabulary program that is EASY, FAST, EFFECTIVE, and CHEAP?

Corrective Reading Institute is pleased to announce its $.99 one hundred twenty-four page diagnostic test battery complete with an answer key for teachers and parent teachers. “Prescription for Reading Success”, as this test battery is called, is immediately downloadable by clicking on the first green link below.

The test battery includes diagnostic testing in the areas of auditory discrimination, phonics, spelling, sight words, syllabication skills, reading accuracy, and reading comprehension for grades 1-12.

If the tests demonstrate below grade level performance in any area, the teacher/parent teacher will be guided to the proper remedial materials available .here so be sure to bookmark this page.

Private tutoring using the plan outlined in "Prescription for Reading Success" resulted in an average improvement of 3.5 years within 12 weeks of biweekly instruction with daily homework. Small groups of between 8 and 14 students have an average improvement of 2 years within 7 months of daily instruction five days a week for twenty minutes.

Normally $200 for the diagnosis alone, the downloadable version of "Prescription for Reading Success" Product 01, is available by clicking the green link below.

A HELPFUL WORD: When you finish processing your payment on PAYPAL, be sure to click the "Return to Merchant" button at the bottom of the PayPal payment page. This will bring you back to Corrective Reading Institute where you will be able to open any DOWNLOADABLE products that you ordered and print your completed order receipt. Your shippable products, if any, will come as soon as possible by media or first class mail.

    Description Price
1.   Prescription for Reading Success, Downloadable Version
Item No. 01
All prices in US Dollars

For more details, keep on reading. By following the steps listed in the Prescription for Reading Success, you will be able to improve your remedial student's reading level approximately 3.5 years in just 10 to 12 weeks. A beginning student will be able to read recommended library books in about two to three months. Low cost remedial tools are available to you here at Corrective Reading Institute. You will be directed to the particular remedial tools that you need by following the detailed steps in Prescription for Reading Success.

You may call me at any time at 1-360-608-8375. Leave a message as to the best time to return your call (Keep in mind I am in Pacific Standard Time); I will respond asap.

Sincerely yours, Nancy Meacham-Cole 360-608-8375
Reading Specialist since 1972. Teacher since 1969.


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We offer downloadable or shippable curriculum. Either is available at this site for ordering whether or not you have finished administering the tests included in the almost FREE Prescription for Reading Success.  
Austin and Taylor, both 8 years old, practice reading sight words. These same words can be printed on card stock and cut apart to use as flash cards.

Kindergartener Aiden reads the Phonogram Cards

Why should you use this program? It works! Averaging the results of forty-three years of private tutoring, my pupils have achieved 3.5 years of reading improvement in just twelve weeks of biweekly one hour lessons, with daily homework drills.

Where I organized a program for 72 public elementary school students, the average student improved more than two years in just seven months. I worked with them in small groups ranging from seven to thirteen students for twenty minutes daily. Most of the students did no homework.

A group of about twenty-five reluctant male learners at a public high school also worked with my program. I came in once a week to leave instructions for the volunteers to follow as much as possible when they saw them (sometimes the boys or the volunteers didn't show). During the six months of this special program with at-risk boys, the average improvement was more than one year in reading accuracy and comprehension.

Please click on the link below to read more about what specific students, parents, teachers, and principals have to say about this program.

See what people think of Corrective Reading Institute's Program. Click Here!  

You may also order the appropriate Reading Comprehension book, called Standard Test Lessons in Reading and shipped separately, if your testing results from the PRESCRIPTION FOR READING SUCCESS indicate your student needs work in this area. Please order this resource at

In order for the program to work as effectively as it has for me, the ninety-page hard-bound Victory Drill Book is a must.


Beginning readers would benefit from Victory Drill Book Products V1, V2, V3, V4, and V5.

Aiden, age 6, practices writing sounds and words.

FREE CONTEST: Please tell me what you like or don't like about Corrective Reading Institute or its programs for a chance to win your choice of a set of FREE Dolch 220 Sight Word Cards or a set of Phonograms 1 - 73. Winner will be drawn on December 31, 2023.  



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