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The Burich children enjoy reading. Your children can too!

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  Complete "Prescription for Reading Success" Kit
Only $300.00
On SALE for only $129.00
Teach your child to read quickly and well.
  Grace, Miracles, and Chocolate, hand-signed by author
Only $17.99
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Has your faith bucket leaked? Fill it up with Grace, Miracles, and Chocolate
  Phonograms 1 - 73, Large size for classrooms
Only $20.00
On SALE for only $10.00
Irregular, on sale!
  Almost FREE Prescription for Reading Success, Downloadable Version
Only $29.99
On SALE for only $0.99
Only 99 cents!
  Phrase Flash Cards, slightly irregular
Only $24.99
On SALE for only $9.99
On sale!
  Prescription for Reading Success, Bound and Shipped
Only $200.00
On SALE for only $39.99
Complete Language Arts Tool
  Informal Hearing Inventory, Downloadable
Only $0.00
On SALE for only $0.00
FREE Informal Hearing Inventory
  Victory Drill Book, Shippable
Only $19.15
Shipped by USPS media mail.
  Spelling List 1 of 10, Downloadable
Only $5.00
First Spelling Words
  Spelling List 1 of 10, Shippable Flash Cards
Only $7.99
Also downloadable NOW for $2.00. See Product 02.
  Phonograms 1 - 73, Downloadable
Only $5.00
On SALE for only $3.00
All American-English sounds included.
  Phonograms 1 - 73, Shippable Flash Cards
Only $19.99
On SALE for only $10.99
For quick reading success!
  Spelling List 2, Downloadable
Only $5.00
Harder First Grade Level Words
  220 Dolch Flash Cards, Shippable
Only $19.99
On SALE for only $12.99
220 Flash Cards
  Spelling List 3, Downloadable
Only $3.00
Even Harder Dolch Words Plus Commonly Misspelled Words
  Spelling List 5, Downloadable
Only $5.00
On SALE for only $2.00
Grade Level 3-5
  Spelling and Vocabulary List 7, Downloadable
Only $5.00
On SALE for only $2.00
320 Cards for Grades 6 - 8
  Spelling and Vocabulary List 9, Downloadable
Only $5.00
Grade Level 8-12
  Spelling and Vocabulary List 6, Downloadable
Only $5.00
On SALE for only $2.00
Grade Level 5-7
  Spelling and Vocabulary List 8, Downloadable
Only $5.00
On SALE for only $2.00
Grade Level 7-12
  Spelling and Vocabulary List 10, Downloadable
Only $5.00
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Our hardest words for Grade Level 9-12
  Phrase Flash Cards, Downloadable
Only $5.00
On SALE for only $2.00
Mostly Dolch words
  Syllabication Work Sheets, Downloadable
Only $2.00
Downloadable version
  Spelling List 4, Downloadable
Only $5.00
Includes the rest of the Dolch "Sight" Words
  220 Dolch Sight Word List and Flash Cards, Downloadable
Only $5.00
On SALE for only $2.00
220 Dolch Flash Cards
  Phrase Flash Cards (Irregular - printed with two different colors), Shippable
Only $24.99
On SALE for only $9.99
Also available as a downloadable product # 16 for only $2.
  Victory CD of Phonetic Sounds, Shippable
Only $8.25

  Worksheets of Fun Learning Activities, Shippable
Only $23.50
Conveniently shipped to you.
  Victory Pre-Drill Book, Shippable
Only $9.85

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Phonograms 1 - 73, Shippable Flash Cards

For quick reading success!

Invaluable Teacher Resource! If you buy only one item from this site, this should be it! Sparkly Purple Card Stock.
$19.99 Reg.
$10.99 SALE

The seventy-three 4.34" x 3.65" Phonogram cards include all the phonograms used in the English language printed on medium purple card stock (color is subject to change without notice).

The front side of the card displays the phonogram. The back side tells all the sounds of that phonogram, and any special rules related to its use in spelling.

When your student knows these building blocks to the English language, they will soon be reading anything they see.

The Phonogram Flash Cards are composed of several sections: ROUND LETTER CARDS, ROUND LETTER WORD CARDS, STRAIGHT LETTER CARDS, and PHONOGRAM CARDS 27 - 73.

Simply flash each card to your student fifteen times daily and have your student write each phonogram six times daily while saying all of its sounds.

Before long, your student will actually read the one, two, three, and four letter phonograms. Any card in which he or she does not instantly know all the sounds deserves extra study. Complete instructions included.

The optional free Phonogram Placement Test, which is included in the FREE DOWNLOADABLE PRESCRIPTION FOR READING SUCCESS, will also indicate where and how to begin instruction with these cards. This set of Phonogram cards is a resource you will use for many years.

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$19.99 Reg.
$10.99 SALE


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