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The Burich children enjoy reading. Your children can too!

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I used to read at 4th grade level and now I've shot up to 8th grade level in reading." N.H., a current 6th grader.

"Thanks for helping my niece Sara three years ago. This summer she passed her Washington State reading and writing exams that will enable her to graduate from high school with her class - assuming that she can make up the coursework from her first year of high school. She also passed her CNA class, and is taking the state license test today. I am so proud of her!" When I, Marriott, asked Sara's aunt if I could use her comments on my testimonial page, she replied, "Of course! All the educators with whom I have spoken think it's an incredible achievement, after testing at 4th grade level while entering 9th grade." M.H., Portland, Oregon

We started with Corrective Reading Institute on May 21, 2010 and stopped in the middle of August. My son progressed two grade levels in that time. He's a special needs child and has three eligibilities for special education so for him, that's a huge accomplishment. Molly Alexander

My daughter was in seventh grade when we started with Corrective Reading Institute (CRI). When she first began her prescribed program, she had a total lack of confidence and now she knows she can read better. When she started, she was reading at a second grade level and now she's only one grade below her normal. (She just finished eighth grade). She enjoys reading a little bit now. The learning process was very efficient after diagnosis. This year has been the first year that she's been in a regular classroom. Last year was the first year she was in a science class and she earned a C. We are thrilled! Thank you Corrective Reading Institute and Marriott Cole! Lynn R., Washington

Before I started reading lessons with Mrs. Cole, I had ADHD, couldn't concentrate, and wasn't doing very well in school. I was in eleventh grade. After a couple months of instruction, I could concentrate better, understand more, and did better in school. I am starting college in the fall of 2005.
Jordan K., Washington

When my daughter, Lynne, began Corrective Reading Institute, her reading level was third grade first month. She received tutoring twice a week for seven weeks. During that time she progressed to a ninth grade third month reading level. She's grown up now and has an excellent job. Thank you Corrective Reading Institute!
Mrs. McNeill, South Carolina

I found Corrective Reading Institute when I failed the entrance exams to Medical School. Mrs. Cole ran me through some tests, and worked with me for six weekly sessions to remediate the gaps in my reading. I recall working on prefixes, suffixes and Latin roots. I soon gained admission to medical school and am a family practice physician today, thanks to Marriott Cole.
Carlos D., Georgia

Bethany is a more confident reader now and is not taking a whole lot of time in reading big words. Before she tried to sound everything out but couldn't. Now she's just reading and doing much better. Mrs. Cole's involvement and interaction with the children is awesome -they want to learn instead of being forced to learn. She gets all her homework done at school now instead of taking forever at home. The period of time from start to finish was a short time from beginning to end and she improved from fifth grade level to ninth grade level. She's in seventh grade. Richard M., Washington

I'm a second grade teacher. Seventeen out of forty-four (I have two half day classes) of my students needed remedial reading help this year. In the past, I might have one or two students get better in reading out of that group. However, Mrs. Cole was hired this year with a government grant to remediate everyone in our Japanese immersion school who wasn't reading English at grade level. Within two months, EVERY SINGLE CHILD WAS READING AT GRADE LEVEL, even the little boy that I thought was incapable of learning, much less sitting still. Her techniques work!
Jan K., Oregon

My seven year old son, Taylor, totally lacked confidence in reading until Marriott Cole agreed upon much pressure to tutor him.(She normally doesn't work with children until they are eight years old.) Now, three months later, he reads things he never thought possible with confidence. Thank you, Nancy!
Amy V., Washington

When we started coming to see Marriott at Corrective Reading Institute, Reed, age 11, (who has leukodystrophy and severe attention deficit problems as well as behavior problems) had regressed to not reading at all for three years. (Before he could read and spell three letter words), now [sic] that we have been working with Marriott's program, Reed can read three to six letter words, he knows that most words that end with an 'e', the vowel is long sounding, he can write more words (copying) in a shorter space of time, he can count money, he has learned the days of the week, he is learning more about time, double digit math and carrying over. He has allowed someone to read out loud to him. (For three years no one could read to him.) Reed's behavior has improved by leaps and bounds. Without the reading program that Marriott is introducing us to, Reed would not be doing as well in all of the above areas. In the three months that we have been coming to see Marriott and three months of at home and over the phone time (health problems) I look on as a blessing. We will continue to work with Marriott for as long as she will have us. I have hopes of increasing our work time with her. (At home Reed has spent approximately fifteen hours practicing the reading materials. I have made enlarged flash cards to help with this as Reed's eyesight is impaired). THANK YOU SO MUCH MARRIOTT.
Phyllis B., Washington

I hired Marriott for a part-time reading teacher position in October, 2002. I believe her documented successes with her students accounted for the adults in our building valuing her work. Marriott participated in PTO and staff meetings upon my request to share her unique, but effective reading program. We referred students to her who had omissions in their reading learning experiences and who needed an extra infusion of focused attention and practice in a small group setting. My daughter, a third grader at the time, was in Mrs. Cole's program; therefore I have first hand knowledge of the impact of her work. As a result of her attendance in that class, my daughter volunteers to read in her classes and tended to Marriott's homework before her regular evening homework assignments. My daughter enjoyed the flash cards Mrs. Cole directed students to design for practicing specific phonemic sounds. Sometimes on weekends my daughter would ask my wife and me to time and note the number of words she was able to sound out correctly. The results of improved reading-related test scores of her students were impressive. However our attempts to rehire Marriott for the next year were thwarted by budget cuts. Mr. N. Bolton, Oregon Yujin Gakuen Japanese Language Immersion Elementary School

It is with pleasure that I write this letter of recommendation for Marriott Cole. Marriott worked as a volunteer Reading Instructor at Churchill High School during the 2001-02 school year. During the year Marriott spent at Churchill we were beginning an intervention based reading program for 9th graders. I can say without hesitation, that without Marriott the program would have failed. Marriott stepped in and volunteered her time when we needed staffing and support. Due to Marriott's extensive teaching background she was able to quickly connect with students and create a curriculum that proved to be highly effective for her students. Marriott's volunteer duties and contributions far exceeded our initial hopes and expectations. In addition to volunteering her time to teach the Reading class, Marriott used her curriculum expertise to help us develop our curriculum, and developed, administered and scored reading assessments for 9th graders. Marriott attended and participated in meetings for our reading intervention program as well, and she became an important part of our student intervention team. Sloan J. Presidio, Assistant Principal Churchill High School, Eugene, Oregon

After working with Mrs. Cole, I am doing much better at my studies, have much more confidence, and am accepted at college for the fall term.
Jacob K., Washington

I worked last year with Marriott at Churchill High School. She was one of my steadfast volunteers in the tutoring lab. This lab was designed to help mainly freshman students who struggled in classes due to reading and comprehension challenges. Marriott has an incredible way of engaging students. She is innovative and very organized. It is good to know that Marriott is also very dependable. She gave much of her time and was devoted to the students in her program. I was also impressed with her program itself. The design of this program is to target the reading level of the student, then progression is followed in such a way as to motivate that student. We experienced great successes with several students, including a group of boys whose behavior was indeed a challenge as well.(All students improved at least one year in six months of tutoring. One boy improved more than five years worth of reading skills in those six months. Marriott would come in one day a week and leave instructions for the other volunteers to accomplish with these students as the volunteers were available.)
Debra Stoll, Oregon

I am a fourth grade teacher at a language immersion school. Students are in my class half the curricular day and spend the other half in our target language, Japanese. Basically, I teach two half days. While many of our students are fast, capable learners, students that are below grade-level in reading are a priority and top concern, especially in light of our time constraints. Marriott provided an outstanding service to the fourth grade students she taught this year. Students usually view pull-out programs negatively but Marriott's abilities soon became evident after the first few sessions. My low readers were excited and proud to be part of Marriott's Nifty Readers. Marriott has developed and honed a highly effective and systematic reading program that develops each individual student's potential. The results of Marriott's tutoring are objective. The pre and post test data show many of my students making leaps in their reading ability. The result of Marriott's influence is also anecdotal. One fourth grade boy, upon learning he was graduating from the Nifty Readers, decided to keep attending Marriott's group because he enjoyed it so much. In another instance, the parents of a student receiving tutoring requested he be graduated, thinking it would boost his self-esteem. In an attempt to go along with the parents, I told their son that he was finished with Marriott's group and had completed the program. To my surprise, he opted to finish out the month - he informed me there was more he had to accomplish! Marriott is more than just a Reading Teacher. She is an outstanding veteran teacher with excellent classroom management skills. She possesses high energy, savvy, and the necessary people skills to find her niche and succeed in any school. I have enjoyed working with her and am sad she is leaving.
Brian G., Oregon

Before we came to Corrective Reading Institute, Maura was memorizing words, not learning it. Marriott Cole realized what Maura's problem was, and made her learn the fundamentals of phonics. She then made her sound out words. Her reading ability grew substantially. Marriott pointed out areas that, for quite some time, Maura was doing incorrectly. We had seen a couple of different specialists before Marriott but learning wasn't so rapid as with Marriott. The others worked with her much longer but she improved much less. Now words will come up and she'll ask, "What does that mean?" The thing I'm most thrilled about is that Maura's comprehension is there, whereas before she started with Mrs. Cole, she didn't have any idea what she just read. I totally recommend Corrective Reading Institute's program.
Lynn R., Felida, Washington

Marriott, I often tell the story of how you helped Jordon with his reading and got him reading two grades higher in one summer. Will never forget that! BTW...Jordon is now a daddy of four! Time has flown by!!
Melody Good, Pennsylvania
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